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Past and Present and Future...Edit

Yuki Kuran was born a sister to Kaname Kuran. She is the daughter of Juri and Haruka and the niece of Rido. But when the bitter uncle decided to get revenge on his beloved sister and hated brother, Juri took Yuki aside and erased her memories so she would have reconlection of her pureblood ancestory.

Till then, she has no memories to the time when she was attacked by a level E vampire at age 7 shortly after her family all but Kaname were murdered.

Yuki had cried out when the homocidal vampire tried to bite her. Kaname had heard and came to her rescue. He extened a bloody hand toward Yuki which she took. Yuki was adopted by headmaster, Kaien Cross. Kaname and Yuki's relationship grew after that pont.

But the gentle and tender time stopped abruptly. And as said in the manga, 'The blood covered trigger starts pulling back...slowly.'. One late night Kaien was late getting home and Yuki was getting worried. When he finally came, he had a frail and skinny boy by his side who Kaien intoriduced as 'Zero Kiryu' who's family was killed by a bad vampire, Shizuka Hio. Zero had begun to live with them since that time and made no attempt to mask his fury and loathing toward vampires. Zero doesnt show it very often, but it is certain he cares for Yuki and loves her, saying in the manga he wants her gentle hands and her smile. Zero attends Cross Academy alongside Yuki and it is their job as guardians to protect the secret that the night class, oposite of the day class humans are in, are vampires.

Kaname Kuran also attends that school and works to help protect Yuki from Zero's secret; Humans who are bitten by pureblood vampires, like Shizuka Hio, become vampires.

Zero wasnt able to control himself as he reatched high school, and bit Yuki. After that, he tried to kill himself but Yuki stopped him saying that she was always by his side and that nothing had changed. She often offers him her blood.

But little does Yuki remember she is still a princess of the night world and one day Kaname would awaken her so they could live their true future as husband and wife.

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